What Does It Mean to Love Yourself?

– 9th Dimensional Pleiadian Collective

What does it mean to love yourself? How is that done?

Loving yourself means expressing your full divine nature and allowing Source energy to flow through you. Most often you perceive yourselves from the perspective of ego: small, separate, not enough. Experiences are conditional. Source, Universe, God, by whatever name you wish to call All That Is, is in the simplest terms LOVE. When you close to Source energy you close to love. When you operate from the level of ego or from the perspective of victim/perpetrator, you create resistance and limit the flow of love through you and experienced by you. You choose many ways to do this, but most common for you all is the habitual pattern of negative self talk. I am not good enough, smart enough, pretty enough, wealthy enough, deserving, lovable… You get the idea. The list of ways to self berate is infinite.

The first step to creating more self love is to change this ego-driven inner dialogue. All life seeks love as all life seeks at its core to commune with Source. While it may feel foreign or disingenuous, begin to address yourself with kindness, compassion and care. Imagine speaking to yourself as you would a sweet, innocent child for at the core you are the embodiment of those qualities. Children have not yet created programs or beliefs of resistance thus they flow more love.

In many ways what you all seek requires you to become more childlike. Be curious. Explore. Every experience is a new one as no two experiences are identical. You all assume you’ve “been there” and “done that”, but if you open there are always new things to discover.

The second step to experiencing greater self love is taking time for yourself to connect within, to connect with Source. Foster this relationship and all others will reflect your deepened connection. For all of your external life is a reflection of your internal vibration.

As you create a deeper connection within, you may be guided to take action for self nurturing. You may wish to spend more time in nature, laugh, dance or be creative for the sake of being creative. Too often in today’s world you seek to place higher value on the results of your creative process than on the journey of creation. You write to have a best-seller. You paint to create a masterpiece. Each creative act has intrinsic value that cannot be measured by external means. The creative act is about the odyssey of self discovery and the observance of a vibrational expression or experience. As you begin to once again create for expression as you did as a child you will find more joy in life, more passion, more energy and more love.

Saying no can be a potent form of self care and self love. Acknowledge your needs physically and emotionally. In your accelerated reality, it becomes easy to fall into habitual patterns without being present to see if an action is in alignment with your highest good. The frequency of obligation is fear based and conditional. I must do “A” in order to have “B”. In most cases, obligation is undertaken to receive acceptance or out of a fear of not being safe. Check in with yourself. Is this something at your core you wish to do? If not, say no. If it is, you must shift your perspective so that the action is taken out of love rather than fear.

Lastly, to embody more self love we would encourage you to forgive; Forgive yourself and all others for all perceived “wrong-doings”. In truth, those that you refuse to forgive are a mirror for you, showing you where you are lacking in self love and care. They are not truly punished by your withholding of forgiveness. Your unwillingness to forgive creates resistance in YOUR field and limits the amount of love YOU flow. Forgive yourself, for in order to have the need of forgiveness, you first must create a judgment about an experience. You have polarized your thoughts or emotions. You are attached, and because of it you do not allow yourself access to full Source energy. You resist (or create resistance to) the opposite polarity. All things are Source energy thus you resist half of Source. In some way the original experience reflects to you how you deny your own divine light, your own divine power, your own divine love. You attracted the experience into your field of perception to show you these unseen, unconscious beliefs, and as you acknowledge the service of the experience you release your polarity attachment. As you forgive yourself, you allow more light and love to flow through you.

Play, dear ones, as life is a journey of exploration. It has always been and ever will be about the journey, not the destination.

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  1. Tony  September 23, 2015

    Thank you very much, I loved this approach and perpective … Blessings, Love and Light … Namaste.