The Importance and Value of Taking Time for Self

– 9th Dimensional Pleiadian Collective

Whatever you do for the highest benefit of your Self (and that is Self with a capital S rather than the egoistic self) is naturally of the highest benefit to others for there is no separation between your Self and all that is.

First, let us discuss the difference between Self and the egoistic self. That which is your true beingness and is a spark of Divine Creator is your Self. How you define yourselves from the 3D level and label as self is nothing more than a series of beliefs or programs that create the illusion of separation so that you may don a role as a distinct individual. It is the only way to play in the 3D game. The egoistic self is not real. It never can be as it has no true foundation. The egoistic self is the facade that is placed over the Self which is always your core and the true foundation of who you are.

So many of you are now finding yourselves deeply fatigued, lost, stuck, and unsure, as well as creating physical imbalances so that you are forced to focus your attention once again on Self. No work may be done if you are not taking care of Self first. For to neglect the Self means you are imbalanced in the flow of giving and receiving, and eventually, there will be no energy to give.

No matter whether you are feeling stuck, ill, lost or fatigued, the remedy is the same for at the root of all imbalance is the illusion of separation. It is the key to spiritual, mental, and physical alchemy. More of you will create these scenarios so that you begin creating a practice of Self awareness. You MUST become more conscious in every moment and direct your energy.

In the past is was much easier for you to “coast” for a while before becoming conscious and recalibrating your thoughts, feelings and emotions for desired manifestation. Remember, we have told you time and again that frequencies move through time and space at different rates due to your 3D perception of reality. This is why time appears to be compressing and your 24 hour day feels more like what 12 hours used to feel like. Because the overall lower frequency of the past, your creations could coast longer before you had to energetically reinforce them. You knew manifestation required more time so more energy was infused into the pulsation of the frequency. Now that your overall frequency is higher you know that not as much energy is required to manifest so your creations don’t have the extra energy infused within to coast. This is creating for many of you the illusion of being stuck or stagnant because you are no longer coasting and have forgotten that you must consciously direct your energy. This is why we highly recommend you create a practice for yourself in which you are recalibrating and consciously directing your energy throughout the day. When you take time to check in on Self, you can recharge, rebalance and refocus you energy so that you can be of the greatest service.

Many of you are still operating out of obligation. In fact, you may be shocked at just how often you act out of obligation rather than curiosity. On average, well over 75% on any given day is acted out of obligation or fear. Obligation is always fear based and a conditional exchange of energy. Becoming aware of what drives your actions will assist you in moving into a more heart centered space and an unconditional place of service. If you find yourself acting out of obligation, either don’t do it or reframe your perspective of how you engage with the action or activity so that it is a truly unconditional experience.

Many of you you still cling to the idea that saying no is selfish, but to be of the highest service, you must be giving and receiving in equal measure. If you are always giving and not allowing yourself to receive then you will be energetically bankrupt, in such a state to be of little service to anyone.

To recap, get into the driver’s seat. Become more aware at any given moment of where you are vibrating. Be conscious of your creations and actions. Are they out of obligation or curiosity? Take time for Self. Review. Feel what you’ve been too busy to feel. Nurture Self so that you will be well nourished to be of the greatest service to others.

We send you much love, dear ones. Know that there is tremendous support for you. You need only ask. When you take time to connect to Self you can receive your answers.

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