“Wendy, I just wanted to tell you again how wonderful the session that I had with you was and how much it inspired me in many ways.  I am realigned every time I listen to it, and there is great peace in the energy you brought through for me from my vast friends and family in the cosmos.  I am working with energy more intimately now and feel blessed to have had the experience with you the P’s. THANK YOU!  You are an amazing channel!”

Joanna P.
Calgary, CANADA


“In the nearly forty years that I have been consciously involved in the field of ‘metaphysics’ the Pleiadean Collective has provided me, to date, with the clearest paradigm for what is occuring on Earth at this time. A session with the group, in addition to providing a wealth of personal Akashic information, includes generation of an energetic field through which one is able to process and release issues which are ready to be cleared. Subjectively, the experience is rather like having really compassionate trans-temporal psychotherapist.”

“A significant factor for me in deciding to accept the information provided by the Pleiadian Collective is their transparency and the respect with which I was treated. ‘Mrs. P’ says up front that the group has an agenda; there is no hig-flown language suggesting that here is the noble be-all and end-all of prophecy or advice. Counsel offer by the group is something like spiritual tech support as we are assisted in manipulating our human system from the inside out to bring about the results we want. We are respected as the prime movers in the experiment and information is readily made available to us as we ask for it.”

“Whether someone is new to the concerns attached to the issue of ‘Ascension’ or has been working with the paradigm for conscious years a session with the Pleiadians, because they are able to address you at the point at which you stand, will provide you with new insights and new options for ways to proceed.”

“For people with long time destructive patterns which they have not been able to clear I particularly recommend this group for their ability and willingness to research, identify, and share specific past lives which were the prime generators of those patterns. By bringing those lives into consciousness, their power is greatly diminished and one is able to proceed considerably ‘lightened’.”

Edith A. Cheitman Ph.D.
Sarasota, FL


“Thanks, Wendy, for being such a clear channel for the Pleiadians. The reading I had was very enlightening. I have used the techniques given to me on a daily basis and am teaching them in my classes too. The insights that were given to me about specific challenges I was having were very detailed and seeing them from another point of view has really helped shift the vibration and brought with it great healing.

San Diego, CA


“I have had the privilege and honor of working with Wendy Kennedy and the Pleiadian Collective for a few years now, and I can honestly say that she and they have changed my life for the better in so many ways and have opened me up to greater levels of self-awareness, acceptance and compassion. I met Wendy at a seminar several years ago and instantly liked her. I was drawn to her gentle, caring mannerisms and immediately felt comfortable with her. This level of comfort is very important to me whether it be with a channeler, healer, friend or whomever.”

“I have had many private sessions and host a bi-monthly group session at my home and feel these sessions have been nothing short of life-changing and inspiring not only for me, but for the group at large. The Pleiadians (Mrs. P as she is affectionately called) have a way of zeroing in on exactly what is needed and always seems to get right to the heart of the matter. This is always done in a spirit of love, affection and great humor. One comforting fact, you will never be told anything that you aren’t ready to hear.”

“So if you are ready to explore and “wake up” to your fullest potential, I wholeheartedly encourage you to attend a group session or better yet, treat yourself to a private session.”

San Marino, CA


“I’ve had the opportunity to hear Wendy channel “Mrs. P” half a dozen times in the past five years. Wendy is a clear and accurate messenger of our star brothers and sisters. What a perfect time during our history to start connecting with our galactic family and Wendy Kennedy is a clear channel to do that for us. I hosted Wendy in my home this past July and was inundated with thank you’s and questions of where Wendy was going to be channeling next. What a treat to have such a clear and open channel available for us to access information from the 9th dimension!”

Bridge of Light Holistic Healing Center, L.L.C


“Communicating with the Pleiadians of the 9th Dimension has been singularly the most exquisite work I’ve ever done. Confidence comes from confirmation of one’s own intuitive sense. In Wendy’s channeling of the Pleiadians, an allowance of a personal independence naturally occurs. In fact, there is an urging of it that makes me feel always surrounded by their support but not reliant on it. This is huge because I’ve always felt that my ease could only come from going outside myself.”

“Wendy is totally authentic and has none of the New Age echoing that is often too mawkish in this ever widening interest. She has simply changed my life. I now walk on this earth with a new freedom and gratitude for who I have always been. I have searched for decades for an opening like this, and I feel totally blessed that not only was I successful, but I didn’t have to compromise. Thank you, Wendy.”

Chilmark, MA


“I really appreciated my private session with the Pleiadians, though it really felt like I was talking to one very compassionate woman. Her English accent and cheerful voice put me at ease immediately. The information I received was very helpful and encouraging. It felt like I got a ‘healing’ during the session also.
Energy was definitely cleared, and I gained valuable insights. I felt like I made a new friend; a very loving and wise one.”

Rocklin, CA


“Wendy Kennedy offers a fantastic opportunity to connect with the incredible intelligence and compassion of the Pleiadian Collective. My husband and I have witnessed Wendy’s channeling in a group setting on a couple of occasions and were so impressed with the information offered that we scheduled private readings.”

“Wendy is very organized and professional. Her channeling is clear and comprehensive. I felt like I was having a conversation with good friends. On a personal note, I found the Pleiadian Collective very understanding, offering clear answers and advice to my questions. They are truly interested in our life on Earth, and I could feel a lot of empathy and kindness in their responses.”

“It was a very supportive experience and I would highly recommend that anyone interested take advantage of Wendy Kennedy’s special talent. She also has a great website through which she shares a lot of very interesting information.”

Escondido, CA