Taking Action in Incremental Steps

– 9th Dimensional Pleiadian Collective

Greetings, dears. At this time many of you are feeling called to action, but what action to take feels elusive. Now more than any other time, you are being asked to trust in taking steps in new directions. The steps need not be monumental, but rather will be incremental, building one on top of another as you move forward in creating new patterns and modes of working, collectively and individually, as you move into creating a brand new paradigm. These new creations on the surface look nothing like that which currently exists in your reality. You are creating the new model as you take these incremental steps so that those who follow after will have a new foundation, a new blueprint, upon which to build.

This is an excellent time to release your worries and attachments to the results of your efforts as often they can not fully be seen in the moment. It is only in hindsight (or through inner-sight in the moment) that you will be able to see the multifaceted effects of each experience and how without it, no subsequent experience would be able to exist in the same way.

When in doubt take a step, even a small one, for indecision is the fastest way to shut down your energy flow. By making a conscious choice in any direction, you allow energy to flow, and from that space you are capable of making course corrections.

The journey need not be a difficult one. Remember that the difficulty appears as you align with your fears rather than the divine creative power that may effortlessly flow from you.

You have boundless support on this side, dear ones. You need only ask. Heart center yourselves and listen. Trust what you get. Uses your discernment and take the bits and pieces that resonate with you. If you need confirmation, ask and we will be sure to help place it in your physical reality. And remember, if you wonder if something is a sign, take it as such as it is! Otherwise, the thought would not even cross your mind.

Until you call…we are watching, waiting, sending much love and many well wishes.

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