Aligning with Star Systems

– 9th Dimensional Pleiadian Collective

Why is it that you feel so aligned to the Pleiades or Arcturus, Lyra, Sirius or the Ascended Masters? Why when you think of them does it make you think of home?

As you incarnate, your experience and growth is not limited to one world. From a universal perspective Earth is quite young, so many of you have spent a great deal of time in other star systems learning your lessons. It is not surprising that you have incarnated to Earth as it is an extension of those worlds. Many have provided the genetic material for this planet.

Prior to incarnating you had the opportunity to look down the corridors of time to see where you may encounter pitfalls and where you may need a little assistance. You have left markers within your DNA to release coding and information like a treasure map to help you along the way. It is not until you accomplish your goal that the clue locked within the resonant frequency of the lesson is revealed. The clue helps to propel you forward.

One of the clues you placed for yourself was the alignment with a star system or celestial group. This was done to ensure that information from all of the major systems made its way back into earth consciousness. Each of the seed races holds a version of truth for truth is colored by perception and each has seen its own unfolding of events. Depending on what exactly you wish to accomplish in this lifetime you have chosen to draw to you the major lessons of that star system.

Those of you who align with the Pleiades draw on two major themes. One is that of teacher and guide. Pleiadians have been mentors and guides for those of you in the Helios system (your star system) for millions of years. We have been honored with the task of overseeing your growth and development, ensuring that you are cared for. Others of you are drawn to the Pleiades for it is within our system that lies the central sun, Alcyone, which acts as the central library holding all records of all stars in this galaxy. You may think of Alcyone as a “Library of Congress” of sorts. Each Sun holds records of every planet in its orbit acting as the “Main Branch Library”. Each planet in turn stores its own records, the “Local Library”. You are the paperback.

With the downfall of Atlantis many of the core Earth crystals were damaged making the access of earth records difficult. Many of you who are drawn to the Pleiades are record keepers and have come to restore Earth’s damaged library.

The Sirius star system has always been one filled with war and conflict. Those of you who align with the Sirius star system may find yourself with many memories of warring times, understanding the high price to be paid for such actions, as well as memories of Committees and Councils formed to oversee peace, including the Galactic Federation. The Sirius system is the most diverse star system next to that of Helios. There has always been a blending of species and perceptions, a Grand Experiment.

Lyrans are masters at healing and this is the wisdom to be brought back to your world. Your Lemurian civilization was founded by beings who first incarnated from Lyra. With the downfall of Lemuria, many returned to their home star system. Others remained and blended with the genetic lines of Atlantis. You are once again accessing this lost information, remembering the use of crystals and sound for healing.

Many of the Lyran and Arcturan worlds are “water” worlds and many of the wonderful creatures in your oceans are seeded from there. With the transition of Earth into the fourth dimension many of these species, including dolphins and whales, will have fulfilled their mission to hold resonance for Earth in her time of darkness and will no longer call Earth their home. They will once again incarnate to the Lyran and Arcturan worlds.

The Arcturus star system is quite proficient with mathematics and sound. Communicating in many languages, including geometric symbols and sound, is their forte. The Arcturans are master alchemists. They understand the basic building blocks of the universe and with respect for life force can alter matter into other forms.

For those of you who align with the Ascended Masters, you have chosen to review the notion of hierarchy; to see that all are equal, including those you have called Master. The lesson for you will be to question all that you are told and listen to the information that resonates with you. For as we have said before, truth is always colored by perception.

There are many other systems, each having its strength and each drawing on the energies of the lessons mastered. One cannot be compared to another as each has its own unique perspective. So the next time you feel drawn to a system stop and ask what information about those worlds and lessons are you to remember.

Many well wishes for the day.

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