September and The Super Blood Moon: Harnessing the Energy for Emotional Transformation and Integration

Today is probably one of the most transformative of the year in that by bringing up the unseen or forgotten, you can move into new states of awareness. Allow yourself to fully feel today. Give yourself permission to let go of old patterns and beliefs, old stories of who you think you are. As tides of emotions surface, allow them to reach the shore. Like the ocean tide, they will ebb and flow. There are high tides and low tides; This is a high tide. When high tide waves recede on a beach, often many treasures and jewels are left behind to discover, and this indeed will happen with this Super Blood Moon. You will wash away what no longer serves you, and you will be left with something quite remarkable.

Do not let the uncertainty of the future stop you. In truth, every next moment is unknown to you until you step forward and experience it. Allow yourself to be fully present. Allow yourself to feel the full range of human emotions. What you deem as lower emotions can often be the most effective in aiding you in shifting frequencies. Without feeling them, you do not allow yourself access to the unconscious mind. Emotions are the bridge between the conscious and unconscious. By following the emotions, you allow the unseen or unknown to be seen and known.

Too often you believe that emotions are a result of your reaction to your external experiences, and this is only half true. For your emotional state of being is what is pulsed out along with your thoughts to create your reality. That reality is then reflected back to you, typically reinforcing the original thoughts and emotions. You must be present with your thoughts and emotions to create change. And while you all understand changing your thoughts, you give little practice to working with your emotions. This Super Blood Moon is a wonderful time to begin such a practice.

Work with your emotions. Acknowledge the frequencies. Thank them for showing you where you are currently vibrating. Then, if you desire, you may choose a new emotion to focus on such as joy, love, excitement, or happiness. The masculine dominant world has focused on thought. As you come back into balance with the feminine, it will require you to acknowledge and play with your emotions and your state of “being” before “doing”. Little value is given to “being”, but it is a vital step not to be overlooked by one who wishes to consciously create.

Be well, dear one, as you move forward. Be kind and gentle with yourself. Remember all are experiencing heightened emotions, so take care to extend a little extra patience and compassion to yourself and others.

In Loving Service,

Ramshi, The Pleiadian Collective, The Sirian High Command, and The Archangels

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