Self Acceptance & Your Divine Nature

– 9th Dimensional Pleaidian Collective & The Sirian High Command

We would like to talk this month about self acceptance for all your traits and perceived flaws. Each of you is a spark of Divine Creation. It is impossible for you to be anything short of perfection. But as you enter into a dimension of duality, you forget your perfection in order to experience something wholly different, to experience separation and imperfection. You enjoy the illusion of the game and you have experienced all versions of the game in infinite ways.

Now the time has come to once again perceive that perfection, to know all flaws and faults are but illusions, all wrong doings are but agreements with friends to don a role for play and exploration. Forgiveness is not something that is to be sought, but rather a shifting of awareness to the divine state of all things.

This is the time for “self forgiveness” or rather to view your own divine nature and your connection to The Divine (or Source if that is a more comfortable term for you.) These coming days will be filled with changes and new vibrational selections, and as each memory of past or future regrets surface or judgments of self arise, bring your focus back to your divine self, to this moment and your experience of reality. That truly is all that is needed to generate expanded awareness and a complete acceptance. Each re-focusing back to the divine self will allow you to become more of the expanded being that you are. So for those of you who seek to increase your vibration, or ascend as you say, there is nothing to fix or to release or to unblock. Simply BE divine.

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