The Practice: Accessing The Divine


April 20, 2013
Vlaardingen, Netherlands
3 hours 48 minutes

When we open to more Divine Light Energy all things become easier. Our bodies become healthier, our minds clearer and our hearts open, deepening our connection to all. Sounds great in theory, right? So how do you bridge the gap between theory and the practical application of it in your life?

The 9th Dimensional Pleiadian Collective and Wendy Kennedy share with you their perspectives on fears and beliefs that keep you from connecting and accessing Divine Light Energy, learning to connect to and hear messages from the Divine within, identifying disconnection in order to begin operating from a deeper space of connection, utilizing both the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine in balance, and more.

Practical exercises to assist in recognizing engrained patterns, accessing more Divine Light Energy, and applying theory to everyday life are included.