Releasing the Victim Perspective


All of us at one time or another have felt victimized. In truth we create 100% of our reality, the great stuff and the not so great stuff. So how do you shift your perspective when you’re firmly entrenched in your victimhood?

In this program, The 9th Dimensional Pleiadian Collective share their perspective on how to shift out of feeling like a victim and moving into your power as a creator being. Sometimes is very easy to see when we’re playing the victim role, and at other times it can be a bit challenging to see. The Pleiadian Collective helps you to begin recognizing which role you’re play, victim or creator, and gives you simple yet effective tools to allow you to drop your stories of victimhood and create your heart’s desires.

Included in this mini-program is a Galactic Light Code and a Language of Light activation that assist you in shifting your frequency from victim to creator without going into your old stories.

The Galactic Light Codes are symbols that represent The Language of Light. This language bypasses the ego mind and speaks directly to you, the Divine Being of Light, having this physical experience.

Includes 4 MP3s, Galactic Light Code (5 Versions sized for your favorite mobile devices), a Language of Light Activation, & PDF Worksheet
55 Minutes



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