11:11 – Processes for New Realities


Wendy Kennedy & Nora Herold

November 11, 2012
West Los Angeles, CA
144 minutes

Yeshua, The 9th Dimensional Pleiadian Collective, Calliandra, Korolla, Ramshi, Enara, & others celestial beings share their perspectives on many recent and current events including the storm systems and the 2012 election, reality as a co-created and collective experience, weather modification, power, love as the building blocks of the Universe, portal openings, 11/11, 12/12, and 12/21/12, the solar eclipse and lunar eclipse, the divine feminine and the divine masculine, the recent time line jump, the desire for cataclysmic change, the emotional body and emotion as a choice, anger, Orion history and the impact of the Orion experience, the releasing of entity attachments, the resolution of the reptilian agenda, money, the use of frequency in the manifestation process, how to hold the 5th dimensional perspective while running the third dimensional emotional experience, external technology and internal technology, competition, the capabilities of the physical body, experiencing reality as a sovereign being, numbers and signs, the detachment from linear time and the acceptance of multidimensional time, 2013 and much, much more.

Yeshua, The 9DPC & Korolla offer processes and frequency adjustments throughout the session.