Messages from Our Guides

I can be a very focused person when I really want to accomplish something. This quality can quickly turn into stubbornness when I become so focused on an idea or way of achieving a result, that my ego’s drive to “succeed” no longer allows me to be open to things that may serve me better. When I get into this space my guides often get creative to get my attention.

For the last six months my guides have been working to help me create more balance in my life through a more consistent practice of meditation and other activities.  Like most of us, when I get busy those practices are the first to go, when truly they are the ones I need to do the most.

I’ve been very focused on getting everything prepared for the upcoming event, Activation and Integration of Galactic Light Codes. So this morning I was putting the final touches on things and preparing a newsletter when my internet connection went out.  My router, which I had just had replace the day before, stopped working. So I called the cable company and spoke with a technician who had me set my router back to the factory default settings. He had me look at the available wifi networks on my computer, but the string of numbers and letters he read off to me, which supposedly represented my routers name, weren’t listed. As he’d reached the extent of his ability to support me, he transferred me to a Level 2 technician.

So I explained my situation again to the next support technician (And why is it you have to repeat your story? Can’t person number one fill in person number two?) She apologized for my troubles and began to work her magic on her keyboard. “Ok, Ms. Kennedy, I am showing your router is working. Can you double check to see if it appears in your available wifi networks?” I refreshed my list. “No, I’m sorry. It’s still not there.” I said. To that she replied, “I’m showing the name of your network as ‘Angel’. You don’t see it?” “Ahhhhh…… Angel? Are you sure that’s my router you’re looking at and not one of my neighbors’? I didn’t name my network ‘Angel’, and I just reset it to the factory default settings with the first technician.” “No, Ms. Kennedy, that is definitely your router. I can change the name for you if you’d like.” “No, Angel will be fine.” “Are you sure? I am happy to change it to anything you want.” “No, I think it’s best to leave it as ‘Angel’.”

It’s six hours later, and I am still laughing and shaking my head in disbelief. Message received! Thank you! It was time to walk away from work and do one of my practices.

Most of us have this fantasy that when we need assistance from our guides, the clouds will part, the harps will play, and a big, booming voice from the heavens will tell us exactly what we need to know or do. Unfortunately, it rarely happens that way. We’re lucky if we have one or two of those remarkable and definitive moments in our lives when we receive such clear, undeniable divine guidance. I’ll chalk up my “Angel Wifi” as one of those rare occasions.

As The Pleiadian Collective has explained to me these rare moments are crossroads, and ones that can drastically change our life path. Such dramatic and undeniable messages are to make sure we head in the right direction and learn to heed the call of our inner knowing. Most of the time our guides work with us through subtle frequencies.

Our guides work tirelessly to support us, even in the times when we think they have deserted us. In fact, it is at those times they work the hardest, as we are typically in such a state of resistance and fear that we can not hear them, no matter how much we want to. If we take a moment to get quiet and release the fear, we can receive their subtle messages.

The hardest part about receiving these subtle messages from our guides is trusting in what we are getting. We have a tendency to be very clear when we receive information, and then we go back to the ego level of awareness to analyze it; from there we fall back into doubt. If you need confirmation, ask for it. Our guides will do everything they can to make sure we get it.

Confirmation can come in the form of repeated patterns or numbers, colors, or simple coincidences. You may find that someone near you is repeating information that you just learned or inquired about. You may find confirmation in a documentary or book. If you are wondering if something is a confirmation or a message from you guides, then take it as such. As The Ps say, “If it wasn’t your confirmation, then the thought wouldn’t even cross your mind.”

Even if we are resistant, our guides will continue to send us assistance until we get it. Know that every request is heard and answered, and we are always honored, loved and supported by our guides.

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  1. andrew goodall  May 8, 2015

    That’s a nice sign….angel….the other day after receiving a brief to work on a conservation project i received a triple 9 number plate a triple 4 then a herse carrying a coffin, then a triple 8 then a triple 1…..all on the same road…..wanna swap signs…?

  2. Astrid Kroneman  May 8, 2015

    Talking about angels, I also have a nice story to share.
    Our internet connexion failed also. I phoned my internetprovider and they said the problem was not with them. I had to call the phone company and guess what they said? I had to be with my provider 🙁
    I asked my angels if they could help me.
    That evening I was lying in bed and a figure entered my room and put a brown paper bag on the floor (not really but I saw it anyway) and I got the message “mission delivered” 🙂
    The next day a person from the internet provider called me asking if I had a problem with my internet connexion ! How often does that happen ????? They called me !!!!!
    I explained the situation.
    That afternoon I took a nap and when I woke up I thought; Oh yes I was going to check the internet and guess what… It worked. Thank you so much dear angels <3

  3. Menaka  May 9, 2015

    Thank you Wendy for the Message! It is Lovely!

    Thank you also for the two postings above. I am happy we are all having these wonderful interactions and experiences! 🙂

  4. Michael Toerosen  August 16, 2015

    Beautiful <3