Interview with Sheena Mannina and Amberleigh Carter

I had the opportunity to sit down to chat and channel with Sheena Mannina and Amberleigh Carter for the Raw Talk with Sheena podcast. What an absolute delight!

The Ps share their perspective on the energy coming in for the next 6 months, self-care, patience for the body, dreams, creating new pathways and more. There’s even a pretty potent Language of Light Activation at the end.

You’ll find the free recording of the podcast here on Soundcloud or on iTunes.

I hope you’ll enjoy spending time with these lovely ladies as much as I did.

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  1. MARCELO M GALVEZ  July 27, 2017

    Thank You!

  2. Christelle Michon  July 28, 2017

    Dear Wendy,
    What a fantastic interview! 💐 There is so much camaderie and joie de vivre in it. 💞 The galactic light language activation is such an incredible gift. 🎉 I will most definitely listened to it again as there are so many layers in it. 🦋 Ladies, you all rock.

  3. Christelle Michon  July 28, 2017

    Dear Moderator,
    I would be most grateful if you could ever answer my question. In the second part of the broadcast, there is a channeling of many galactic groups.
    Who speaks just before the Sirians? The sound: di di diii, may be heard quite easily. Thank you so much for your time and attention.