Interview – The Moore Show with Kevin Moore

I recently had the opportunity to sit down and chat with Kevin Moore. It was a pleasure. The Pleiadian Collective took the opportunity to say a few words as well.

If you’re not familiar with Keven’s show, be sure to check it out. He’s got a lot of great interviews.

Kevin was so inspired by the movie “Tuning In: Spirit Channelers in America”, he is now working on a documentary on channeling called, “They Call Us Channelers“. He has some amazing people lined up. I will be sharing more news on that as it comes along. Until then, enjoy the interview.

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  1. Christelle Michon  August 3, 2017

    Hello Wendy, 🦋
    This interview with Kevin was so groovy and highly enjoyable! I’m truly delighted to discover his work, and will listen to it again with great pleasure.
    Thank you so very much for bringing new information and also reinforcing what was said previously. 💐
    It helps a lot. I’m so grateful for everything you share. 🎈
    Sending love and blessings from Paris