Have You Cleared Your Field Lately?

Have you noticed everyone seems a little agitated lately? It can be particularly challenging to deal with if you’re not grounded and centered, but doubly so for an empath.

If you’ve ever joined us for a group session you know that for the first 15 minutes or so the guides pick a particular topic to discuss before opening things up to questions. This morning I sat down to ask them what they wanted to chat about for our upcoming group session, and they said they want to focus on ways empaths can support themselves as we move forward.

One tip for you, remember to clear your field regularly. You would never dream of wearing the same clothes or not taking a shower for a week. Well…most of us wouldn’t. So why don’t we consciously clear our fields?

As we all move through life, we leave behind residual energy, positive and negative. As you go about your day, you pick up some of this residual energy with which you’re in resonance. It sticks to you, just like dust on your clothes. Most of our frequency is generated at the subconscious level, which means we have fear programs running and some of this residual energy is in resonance with them.

When we integrate (or release our judgments) we not only clear our own personal energy of these frequencies but also any residual energy that has the same frequency. Because we aren’t integrating all our fears, not all of this residual energy is being transmuted. Over time, it begins to build up. That’s where clearing your field comes in and why it’s so important.

There are lots of ways to do this. You can cleanse your field with sage or other herbs, chimes, tuning forks, crystal singing bowls, toning, water. Probably the easiest way is with your imagination.

Imagine grounding and connecting to the Earth. See energy coming up through your feet and down through the crown of your head. As the energy meets in your heart, see it radiating out in 360 degrees. Notice your field. Are there any dark, hazy, or muddy places? If so, continue pouring light into those areas. Continue expanding your field. The more you expand your field the more fresh energy you actually bring in. Keep imagining the process until your field is a beautiful shimmering white.

Easy enough, right? What we need to do usually is. It just takes our commitment to doing it. See if you can’t give it a go this weekend and notice if you feel any difference.

Feel free to share this tip. We’d love to hear from you, so leave us a comment below, and let us know how it goes.


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