Gratitude for Life’s Challenges

– 9th Dimensional Pleiadian Collective

Yes, hello, Dears. This is the 9th Dimensional Pleiadian Collective, and it is a pleasure and an honor to have the opportunity to connect with you. At this time of year, many of you take an extra moment or two to focus on gratitude and the things in life for which you have appreciation. Many of you tend to focus more on what is going “right”, which is wonderful, but we invite you to explore your gratitude for the things that you find challenging as well. These challenges are the reflection of your creations that illuminate where your conscious and subconscious thoughts, feelings, and emotions are vibrating. These challenges present you with enormous opportunities to grow and elevate your overall frequency.

We hear many of you say, “These challenges are painful!” And to that we say, “Pain is perception.” Let us explain. The third dimension is unlike any other dimension in that you get to explore the illusions of separation and linear time. It is the “operating system” of the mind that allows you the ability to view reality from the 3D perspective. The mind also creates the victim/perpetrator perspective of reality, and it is from this level of perception that you experience pain and discomfort. When you move out of the mind and move into the “operating system” of the heart, you view reality from the co-creative level. All creation is co-created so there is truly no victim and no perpetrator, only willing participants in the exploration of frequency. When you view reality from this level you see the service in all action, and you are able to release all judgments and attachments.

How long you remain in the operating system of the mind and experience discomfort in any given situation is entirely up to you. You can stay there for 30 seconds or 30 years. It is your choice as an infinite being of Divine Light and, again, simply an exploration of frequency. There is no “right” or “wrong” choice.

So how does one access the heart center? The process is quite simple. You need only think of something that puts a smile on your face. We typically recommend an animal or a place as you often have programs running at the subconscious level about people. Hold the image. Most of you will feel warmth, joy or tingling in your heart. That’s a sure sign you are heart centered. Some days it may feel a bit more challenging to get to that space, but keep at it as you are sure to get there.

In order to change where you are, you have to accept where you are. Your judgment surrounding a situation will keep you in that situation. What you pulse out is what you get back. How do you accept where you are? View it from the co-creative level. If you find yourself in judgment, pain or discomfort, put yourself in your heart center and ask yourself how the situation serves you. What do you learn about yourself by creating the scenario? Perhaps you may discover it is an opportunity for you to access more of your divine power, that it is safe to speak your truth, or love and appreciate yourself more. Each situation holds within it the opportunity for healing and release to take place.

You many have resistance. If so, ask again until an answer enters your awareness. As the higher beliefs about your co-creation begin to surface, breathe deeply allowing your entire body, every cell and molecule, to experience that awareness. If you are still uncomfortable is there more to the service? The process may need to be repeated as you tend to clear in levels and layers over time. Do not berate yourselves for not staying “clear” or thinking you should have already worked through an issue. Simply acknowledge where you are and allow yourself the opportunity to release more judgment thereby increasing your overall frequency.

So as you enter into the season of thanks, be sure to appreciate your challenges as they can truly be your greatest teachers, showing you the path to experiencing more Divine Light and Love in every moment.

Feel free to call on us directly. Simply put yourself in your heart center, ask your question and listen. And until then, we will be watching, waiting, and sending many well wishes.

November 2012

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