Role of the Sirian High Command

– Sirian High Command

Question: What is the role of the Sirian High Command?

In many ways we are like your ambassadors trying to extend a hand to allow others the opportunity to exchange ideas and information with different species and different cultures. The Sirian star system is rich in diversity, not only amongst many different species, but also varying cultures and belief systems; in many ways very akin to your planet. ...

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Self Acceptance & Your Divine Nature

– 9th Dimensional Pleaidian Collective & The Sirian High Command

We would like to talk this month about self acceptance for all your traits and perceived flaws. Each of you is a spark of Divine Creation. It is impossible for you to be anything short of perfection. But as you enter into a dimension of duality, you forget your perfection in order to experience something wholly different, to experience separation and imperfection. You enjoy the illusion of ...

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