Authority, Control & Competition: Integrating the Orion Archetypes (Part 2)

As we mentioned last week, we will be sharing Light Codes to assist you with the upcoming energies of authority, control, and competition as you near the equinox and begin integrating these Orion archetypes. This week we focus on control. Once again, to work with the codes, we suggest sitting quietly with them several times a week or as you feel called to.

Control Code

The Orions spent many eons locked in the illusion of control. To ...

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Authority, Control & Competition: Integrating the Orion Archetypes (Part 1)

As you near the fall equinox, more of the energy surrounding authority, control, and competition will begin to activate. This may be most notable in the areas of your military and police as well as your financial and political institutions. This is an opportunity for you at both the individual and the collective levels to integrate these energies. While authority, control, and competition are not unique to any one particular system in your galaxy, these are the dominant ...

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Messages from Our Guides

I can be a very focused person when I really want to accomplish something. This quality can quickly turn into stubbornness when I become so focused on an idea or way of achieving a result, that my ego’s drive to “succeed” no longer allows me to be open to things that may serve me better. When I get into this space my guides often get creative to get my attention.

For the last six months my guides have been working to help me ...

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What Does It Mean to Love Yourself?

– 9th Dimensional Pleiadian Collective

What does it mean to love yourself? How is that done?

Loving yourself means expressing your full divine nature and allowing Source energy to flow through you. Most often you perceive yourselves from the perspective of ego: small, separate, not enough. Experiences are conditional. Source, Universe, God, by whatever name you wish to call All That Is, is in the simplest terms LOVE. When you close to Source energy ...

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Affirmation and Meditation for The New Year

This year I sat down and asked my celestial friends for an affirmation/meditation for everyone for the new year.  Most of the time when I ask for meditations or visualization, my friends in The Sirian High Command step up to help me out, and this time was no exception.  Below is the complete transcript.  We hope you enjoy it.  If it resonates with you, please give it a like or share it as it may very ...

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