Fostering the Frequencies of Your Ideal World

With all the craziness in the world at the moment, it is hard not to get caught up in fear. During the latest group session, The Pleiadian Collective had a few things to say to assist in maneuvering through these times.

It’s important to note how we ourselves are triggered by the events within our reality. It’s easy to feel powerless. The fears and judgements we hold surround world events are the same as those we play out in our personal lives. By observing these judgements we can create personal change, thus beginning the journey to forging a new collective path. Rather than focusing on the things we hate about the world, the guides suggest shifting our focus and begin fostering the frequencies we’d like to see more of. By investing our energy in those frequencies, we step back into our power. Even small internal shifts can be the first step to great change. If you are upset about intolerance, where are you intolerant of yourself or others in your personal life? If you’d like to see more compassion, is there someone in your life you may have been withholding it from? Are you compassionate with others but not with yourself and your perceived “flaws”? How can you share your time and energy with your community to be the embodiment of the frequencies of your ideal world?

We’ve included an excerpt from the event for you below.

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