• What do you charge for a private session, and how do I pay?
    The cost of a one hour session is $325. A half hour session is $185. All payments must be made at the time of booking. A Paypal account is not required to process payments via Paypal.
  • How do I make an appointment?
    If you are interested in setting up an appointment, please click on the above link or go to the Private Sessions page. Please note: All times are US Pacific. We do alter our clocks in the spring (UTC-7) and fall (UTC-8), so please be sure to check the difference in time from your location. If you need assistance in calculating the time difference, please visit http://www.timeanddate.com. Wendy is located in Los Angeles, CA.
  • Can I call using Skype?
    Currently, Wendy does not do computer to computer calls via Skype.  Many clients outside of the US use Skype to call a landline number which seems to work pretty well. The cost of the call is usually much less than local carriers. For more information on rates, please visit www.skype.com.
  • What kinds of questions can I ask?
    There are no questions that are off limits. Many times we want confirmation on what is going on in our lives, usually in the area of love, money and career. Questions on the nature of the universe often help us to gain a greater understanding of ourselves, so don’t be shy about asking!  The more specific your questions, the more detailed answers you tend to get. Questions like, “What do I need to know?” or “What do my guides want me to know?” tend to get very general answers. Although we might think we aren’t looking for answers on a specific topic, the truth is most of us are and are disappointed when the answers we get aren’t what we secretly wanted to know.  We have free will and our guides and celestial friends don’t want to interfere with that. When we ask questions, we give the green light for our guides and friends to give us all the information they can on that topic. That is why being specific and asking for assistance is so important. Anything you need to know, the guides will weave into the conversation.
  • What should I do to prepare for a reading?
    It is recommended that you write out at least 10 specific questions to ask the guides. If you have more than that, great! Please take some time for this process. The more time you invest in formulating specific questions the more you will gain from your reading. This process of inner reflection is actually key to growing and becoming a conscious creator which is why the Ps choose to structure their sessions this way rather than supplying you with a string of answers to unbidden questions. Please be sure to write the questions down. Often once you begin the session and get heart centered, it’s not unusual to forget your questions. From the space of the heart, there are no issues.
  • Is the appointment recorded?
    Every effort is made to record your session, however you may wish to record it on your end as well. An electronic file (mp3 format) is emailed to you typically within 2-3 days of the reading. The recording is included in the price of the session.
  • Are sessions done in person or over the phone?
    Currently all channeled readings are done over the phone.
  • It's my first private session. Should I do a full hour or 30 minutes?
    A one hour session is generally recommended for first time clients as there is usually a lot of ground to cover. Check in with your inner guidance to see what is most appropriate for you.
  • Can I really get all my questions answered in 30 minutes?
    You would be surprised just how much information the guides can share in 30 minutes. Again, check in with your inner guidance to see what is most appropriate for you.
  • Can I extend my session from 30 minutes to an hour once the reading starts?
    If you would like to change the length of your reading, it is highly recommend you do so 48 hours in advance of your session.
  • Do I call you at my session time?
    Yes. You will be given the appropriate number to call upon confirmation of your appointment. You are responsible for all long distance charges incurred.
  • Who do you channel during my session?
    Depending on the topic, the appropriate guide will come through. Generally, most information is given by Wendy’s own guides (The 9th Dimensional Pleiadian Collective) and celestial friends rather than directly from your personal guides or departed relatives. Your own guides are always present for your reading and share information with the guides coming through.
  • Will you tell me my future?
    Rather than give you a list of probable realities, the guides tend to help you learn to create reality for yourself. They help you to see what may be prohibiting you from creating what you want. It is their desire to help empower you to create your own reality.
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    48 hours notice is required for all changes and cancellations.