Effecting Global Change

– 9th Dimensional Pleiadian Collective

Hello, Dears. We are very happy to have the opportunity to speak with you. We are the 9th Dimensional Pleiadian Collective. Two of the most common questions we are asked is “What can I do to help the Earth? What should I be doing to change things?” And we say to you that the most important thing you can do is to work upon yourselves.

You are holographic in nature. That is to say, what happens to one cell of your body impacts the entire universe. What happens to the microcosm happens to the macrocosm. You are not separate. You are connected. So if you see something that you want to change in the world, look at what is going on in your life that is perhaps reflecting the issue to you. How does that drama play itself out on a personal level? We will give you several examples.

Perhaps you want to change how women are perceived or how they are treated in the world. You perceive them as not being treated with respect or as an equal to the male. This can come in a variety of forms from subjugation and restricted rights to a more subtle form of discrimination. So how do you change this perception on a global scale?

As a woman, how do you perceive yourself? Do you respect yourself? Do you see yourself as worthy? Do you judge your body? Do you behave in a fashion that is guided by society in order to be accepted? Start by looking within. Where do you find resistance? Keep chipping away until you get to the source of your judgment. Know that you are perfect as you are; that your body is a majestic vessel that has been formed to house you for this human experience. Of all the things you could have created for yourself to incarnate into you chose this very perfect form. Quite amazing really when you begin to think about it. So many beings on this planet and so many variations on a theme. This really is a remarkable planet.

If you are a man, think about how you perceive women. Again is your perception and acceptance guided by what society tells you is acceptable and beautiful, or do you follow your inner guidance and see beyond the physical to accept the beauty of the soul? We will say it is a tough one for humanity. Most have been programmed to look externally.

More than likely if you perceive something in the world that you would like to change it is simply a reflection of something inside of yourself. It is an “imbalance” a tipping of the scales to either extreme of light or dark. Most of you are somewhere in between, the grey areas, and you hold a judgment of that location. But smack in the middle you will find the point of balance, and that is the point of compassion and acceptance. You understand that light and dark are both expressions of the same energy, whatever you may choose to call it Source, Universal Energy, God). You live in a dimension of duality and you cannot have one without the other. Shadow defines light and the light illuminates the dark.

So if you are able to find compassion and acceptance you will be able to release your energetic charge to an issue. At that point it is neither positive or negative, light nor dark, but becomes a blending of the two extremes and is again in a neutral or “natural” state. This neutral state allows you to tap into Source energy. It is no coincidence that when you are still, such as during meditation, that you are able to connect to Source. When energy begins to move with action and thought it moves with a charged intent and not again until it finds rest/balance does it reunite with Source. Think of it this way. With the movement of intent you are unplugging from the wall socket (Source energy) and running on backup power (your personal energetic field). When in a neutral state you are once again plugged into the wall. Too often humans fail to find a quite place within themselves and allow their own “backup generator” to run out of fuel. This causes extreme illness within the human form.

Let us give you a second example. Let us talk about war. Most of you do not like the thought of it and do not support it. And how is that being reflected in your life? If you are seeing it and have an emotional response to it, then it is within your energetic field.

There are several ways to approach releasing the charge. One option is to work within the structure of your life, facing the issues as they are presented to you. Nothing can ever be cleared on a global level without clearing the issues on a personal one. As individuals begin to find compassion within a given issue that information is placed into mass consciousness.

Remember what happens to one cell in your body happens to the entire universe. What you then put into mass consciousness is the notion of compassion and it makes it much easier for others to recognize and release issues within themselves. It is as if someone has given them clues to solving the puzzle. It is difficult for the first few people, but they give others hints and clues to the riddle.

Mass consciousness acts as a template for the growth and development of a planet or a species. You are constantly being sent signals to keep you all moving along together. If your frequency resonance is below that of mass consciousness, the resonance of the collective will help to bring you up to speed. If your resonance is higher than that of mass consciousness you will place a beacon within the collective mind. You may think of it as writing your own computer program. Rather than tap into the template of mass consciousness programming you choose to run your own program until enough of you have rewritten the “operating system”.

So if you are having a difficult time embracing the notion that you can change the world by changing yourself and you feel the need to take action (as we know being in a physical reality you are prone to do) take note of how you are feeling when you are doing your work. What are you creating? Are you anti-war or pro-peace? Your perceptions and emotions will greatly impact what you create. If you fight against something you will indeed get more of what you are fighting. If you are pro something, ensure that you are pro because it makes you feel good rather than reacting out of fear. For if you are emoting fear, rest assured more fear is what you will create. Remember, your thoughts create form, and it is your emotions that vibrate it into being.At the end of the day, this is the greatest gift we have to offer you. We wish you to understand and embrace the Law of Attraction for there is absolutely nothing that cannot be created, learned or experienced once you have mastered it. You can change yourself and your world in the blink of an eye. Do not underestimate the power of an individual. It only takes the tipping of one domino to shift the position of all the rest.

Many well wishes for the day!

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