Getting in the Driver’s Seat of Life

– 9th Dimensional Pleaidian Collective

Greetings, dears! 9th Dimensional Pleiadian Collective here. We’d like to take an opportunity to connect with you and to discuss the importance of your willingness to get into the “driver’s seat” of life. Often you will say to us, “Tell me what I need to know.” Well, goodness, where does one begin? Image a friend asking you the very same question. Most likely you would inquire where their interests lie in an effort to narrow the field of reply. And so it is with us. We wish to support you rather than doing the work for you. You have all now grown enough and reached a point in your development in which it is vital that you begin asking questions and engaging your curiosity. For it is your curiosity and quest for more knowledge and experience that will allow you the ability to step back into your role as a Creator Being. Notice we said “back into”, for you are not donning this role for the first time. And you are and always have been a Creator Being but have simply chosen to veil the fact from yourself in order to play in this 3D game.

So have fun, dears. Ask questions, for when you do we are able to assist you. The more specific you are and the more you engage yourself and see yourself as the Divine Being you are, the more we can support you. Ironic, we know. For the best way we may be of service to you is to allow you to stumble until you learn to rely on yourself and your own inner guidance. You are just like a child learning to walk. We must let go of your hand in order for you to discern your own energy and find your own center of balance.

By really looking within to formulate your questions you are taking the first step towards self activation. We cannot stress the importance of this enough. And in order to hear our answers, you must begin listening to yourself, to your own body, to your own vibrational signature. See how we are, making you work, helping you to grow! Yes, we are a bit cheeky, but the statement is none the less true. We know that in the moment you all may feel frustrated not being able to discern our answers, but eventually you hear us. And when you do, there is great connection and satisfaction in your accomplishment.

Remember, dears, that we are no better than you or any more “all knowing” than you. Higher dimensions aren’t better than lower ones. They are just different. They are simply different arenas with distinct sets of rules to allow for unique experiences. We can only provide you with information based on our perceptions of reality. Your perception is no less valid. You must take the bits and pieces that resonate with you and leave the rest behind. As part of Diving Source Energy and as a Creator Being, you have access to all records that have ever been.

We are here to remind you and inspire you to enjoy that which you create. To wonder at your ability to draw in and generate all experiences, whether you label them as positive or negative. In fact to share our little secret with you, the more you value that which you create, both positive and negative, the easier it becomes to consciously manifest that which you desire. By acknowledging yourself as a Creator Being you allow energy to flow much more easily through your body. It is the judgment of your creations that keeps your energy in an internal loop in which you continue to create the same vibrational equivalent over and over. Once you release the judgment, energy flows again, breaking the inner cycle of looped energy thus allowing in the unlimited flow of Divine Source Energy.

This is the year of manifestation, dears. This is the year you will learn to really put your money where your mouth is and to be conscious of that which you create. The best advice we can give you is to be in the Now. Be fully present with your energy and focus. For when you are in the Now you stand fully in your power. But we ask you, “How often are you there?” Every time you find yourself worrying about the past or wandering off to the future, simply bring yourself back to the current moment. Nothing in the past can be changed and the future is built upon the Now. Multidimensional truth be told, they are different timelines than the one you are focused on. And when you are fully present, you can take note of how you feel about that which you are experiencing. Are you enjoying the experience? Do you wish to continue vibrating in the frequency, or do you wish to choose another?

There are no rights or wrongs, simply vibrational selections which you are free to choose or discard. Where you all seem to falter is in judging the vibration. However, when you choose to perceive how the vibration has been of service, what you have learned from it, what it has shown you about yourself, you release all judgment and allow for integration. Integration, or release of judgment, is the name of the game. Integration is the key to ascension. It is what allows you to continue increasing your frequency, to create more joy and love in your life. Allow the external world to be a mirror for you, to reflect back all that you vibrate. Be present in the Now to view the reflection so that you may actively acknowledge where you are and consciously choose your desired vibrational destination.

Happy Driving, dears!

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