– 9th Dimensional Pleiadian Collective
April, 2007

Greetings, dear ones.

Yes, hello dears. We are very happy to have an opportunity to speak with you again, and we are actually very excited to talk to you about diet and health and well being because right now you are being bombarded with so many notions of what you should be consuming. The question at hand is, “What should I be eating? What’s the proper diet?” And the answer to that is there isn’t one specific diet to be followed. It’s on an individual basis. It is at the end of the day about energy levels and frequency.

What’s important to understand is that you are pure energy. You are a being of light and frequency. So when you are talking about diet, health and well being, there are two ways to look at this issue. First, you can look at it from a very physical point of view, but that’s only going to take you so far. Then second, you’ve got to look at it from an energetic standpoint. So, we are going to start with the physical, and then we’ll move on to our perspective of the energetic.

When you are looking at food and you are looking at the toxins in your food and what to do about it (should you eat organic or should you be eating only vegetables and eliminating animal products), it’s going to be based upon the individual. Ideally you should be eating fresh, organically grown produce and free range animals. Some of you, however, have viewed the slaughter of animals on your planet and decided that no animal should be consumed. Well, we will tell you that there is nothing wrong with eating other animals. If we are looking at the purely physical level of it, there is sometimes still the need for you to consume animal products. You need the minerals. You need the protein. You need some of the complex strands of molecules that come only from animal sources.

Many animals on this planet are carnivorous. It is not “ungodly”. It is not to say it is ethically wrong to eat an animal. However, we recommend that you do so with a respect for nature; you are doing it with honor, and you value the life that you are consuming and give thanks for its existence. You are consuming the life force energy of another being. But we will get to that a little more when we get into the energy aspects of it, all right.

When you eat too much of anything (even healthy foods) to an extreme, they are no longer healthy. It’s all about balance and moderation across the board. So that’s what we want you to focus on.

Currently there are many foods that are being introduced into the mainstream which have been genetically modified. When that happens you are losing not only some of the energetic levels of the foods themselves, but also the nutritional value; that’s missing. You can alter the harmonics of the energetic resonance, but you can’t really add the nutrients back in. So in that case, yes, it’s probably better to go with the organic and to spread around the variety of the foods you are eating to get a more balanced intake. Even when you are taking vitamins and minerals, it is not quite the same thing as eating the high quality foods because there is this energetic resonance. For most vitamins and minerals out there (because of how they are extracted and how they are packaged) you are losing the energetic component. So while you are getting energy on the physical level, it’s never quite the same as if you are growing your own vegetables or getting vegetables that are coming from seeds that have not been genetically modified.

Should you be eating all carbs? All protein? Well, no. It’s a little bit of everything. You’ve got to listen to your own body. Intuitively you are going to know what you need (what minerals, what vitamins you are missing) and you are going to be drawn to those foods intuitively. Animals do that as well. When they are ill they know they need to eat certain foods, and the same goes for you. You will do it intuitively. But the whole notion of diet and the connotation that word has these days is that it is restriction. It’s not a regimen. It is something that has to be done for weight. And when we are talking about the issue of weight, we are talking about something vastly different than health because weight is usually caused by an over storage of molecules.

There are different reasons that the cells can retain fluids and other biological matter. It can be for protection. It can be caused by an imbalance that the cell cannot release because there is a missing component in some of the enzymatic levels that won’t allow it to release. It’s missing some of the components it needs to function properly. So there are lots of reasons why people put on the weight in additional to consuming excess amounts of food. And that brings us to the emotional components, the energetic component, that we want to talk about. Which is frankly from our point of view, far more important and has a greater impact on your diet and health than anything else.

Sometimes it serves you to hold weight or not to purify your body. Sometimes it serves you to consume foods that are not of the highest vibration. At times eating pure food will release toxins and bring forth emotional issues that you are not fully ready to look at. But at the same time, the greatest perspective is that you attract to you food of the frequency you require.

That’s why sometimes it’s very difficult, although you’ve set the intention, for you to get on a healthy eating regimen where you are eating high quality foods; emotionally you are not prepared to let go of issues. By being lighter you are going to be more in tune with your body and your emotional states. If you are not prepared to deal with those emotions, chances are you are not going to allow the physical to lighten up. You don’t want to deal with it! So in those cases you’ve got to go and look at what’s going on emotionally. And we are not talking about issues that are necessarily tied to food and diet. We are talking about everything across the board; in your relationships, in your perceptions of yourself, and what you are doing in life. You can’t separate the two. Again this is a very important notion we want to get across to you.

If we have lost you here let us back up and see if we can make sure that this is crystal clear because this is very important for you to understand. You attract to yourself exactly what you need. It is the law of attraction. So if you are ready to move forward, ready to release an emotional issue, what is going to happen is that you are going to start eating healthier foods intuitively/subconsciously. You start eating healthy food because you are changing your mind set; you are changing a pattern there. When you start to do that you are letting go of some of the toxins in your body, and you are raising the frequency of the cells. You are raising the cellular resonance. If you are doing this on an unconscious level, there is part of you that says, “You know what? I am ready to move forward.” You start to eat smaller meals. You start to eat healthier food. And guess what. Emotions start to come up so you can deal with them.

You too vibrate at specific frequency ranges. When you are happy and healthy, you are at the top of the range. When you are holding negative emotions in your auric field or your body is processing many toxins out of your system, you are vibrating at a much lower rate.

One of the many special attributes of this planet is the vast range of diversity in all aspects of life; food being one of the most diverse due to the wide range of plant life here. Quite rare among planets. Each plant holds a unique frequency, thus you are able to ascertain the medicinal properties of them. You’ve got a wide variety which makes your culinary experiments, your cuisines, something very, very special. Some can be quite wonderful, like ice cream and cookies for example.

When you put those things into your body it takes a certain amount of energy to process it out. So you are lowering your frequency. But if you have such an emotional attachment to those foods that you really want to have that pleasure and you continually deny yourself, the negative emotion that builds up is far more detrimental to your body than if you had had the cookie or ice cream and processed the toxins out. So you’ve got to find a balance there. Denying yourself, or your perception of denial, can do more damage than for you to actually have the food. That is also important for you to know and understand.

That’s just a taste of what is going on with your diet. When you are ready to change and you are raising your own frequency on a spiritual level, you are not going to be drawn to the animal products quite as much because the frequency is a bit lower. And when it comes to animals, the manner in which they lived and the manner in which they perished (or the manner in which they ceased to exist on the physical plane) is locked into the molecules. You are absorbing and reading, if you will, its life experience. It is one of your few intimate connections to Earth and her rhythm of life. If you are eating animals that have been tormented or their death was quite traumatic their frequency is far lower than an animal that has had a happy lifetime.

We’ve gone a bit around here in a circle and that is part of what we like to do because we don’t like to keep you thinking in a very linear fashion. We want to start to get you thinking multi-dimensionally. So we hope we haven’t lost you here, dears.

The last thing we want to tell you about is how to work with food if it has been genetically modified, or you are not certain of its origin. You can alter the frequency of the food by sending it energy, by sending it love, by sending it harmony. What will happen is you will alter the negative emotional component that is locked into the physical cells. It will be released, and you will not take it in. That is the notion of blessing your food. By giving thanks for it, by giving it energy, by giving it positive feelings of love and gratitude you can alter the structure of the cellular resonance. That is one thing you can do to assist yourself whether it is with water or the food that you are consuming.

We hope we have answered your question. There is certainly a lot more detail we could go into. If you have further questions, by all means, please call on us. It is a lot to absorb right now so we will leave you with that.

Many well wishes, dear.

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