Coping as an Empath

All of us are empathic, but when we refer to empaths we’re really just talking about people who have the volume turned up on their sensitivity to reading subtle frequencies in another’s field, specifically those frequencies vibrating within the range we label and/or experience as emotions.

Right now empaths are in some ways being dealt a double-whammy. As the frequency of the planet increases, everyone begins to experience a heightened sensitivity to the frequencies, those being generated in the moment as well as those that have been suppressed. When suppressed emotions begin to surface it can feel very uncomfortable for those that are not used to expressing emotion. They may feel agitated, irritable, and lash out more. So now, as an empath, you’re more sensitive to how you’re feeling, which would be intense enough, but you’re also more sensitive to the intense emotions of others.

Highly sensitive people have found many ways to numb in order to cope and dull the intensity of these experiences, but the time has come to meet the challenge head on and learn how to manage and use this skill. It’s time to see it as a gift, not a curse.

In a recent group session, The 9th Dimensional Pleiadian Collective took some time to share their perspective on the topic. We’ve included a video excerpt for you.

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If you’d like to purchase the full audio of the session, you can find it here.


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