Clearing Earth Energy – A Simple Visualization

– Ramshi, 12th Dimensional Master Geneticist / Universal Architect

For you to begin to learn on a daily basis to transcend energy for the earth would be one of the greatest services you could provide. By envisioning the release of energy within yourself it will help to release it from mass consciousness. As you know some transition is necessary to provide the opportunity for some to depart. But much can be avoided if you learn to process this energy. Using your mind’s eye see where the earth seems muddy. Then imagining white light coming through your crown down through your body through your feet and around the globe. Keep imagining this until you see the muddy spots begin to clear. The process is the same as when you envision your own energy being cleared. Just ensure that when the energy seems to have cleared, you disconnect from sending Earth energy. Spend an additional minute or two clearing your own field. You don’t want to take on any of the earth energy. This can assist with avoiding natural disasters.

Now as for man-made disasters they require more effort for mother earth to put right than say does a disaster due to a culmination of events (in mass consciousness). Because usually there is deliberate intent and that takes a change in mindset to clear. So many minds must wish it to be so.

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