Change Can Be Effortless

Many of you currently repeat to yourselves, “I can’t.  No matter what I do, things never change.  I don’t know how. I know these higher spiritual concepts, but it’s hard for me!”  Well, the truth of it is that it can be easy. It can be effortless, but you cling to the old stories of self. Sometimes out of the fear of safety and self preservation. Sometimes out of acceptance or rather the fear of not being accepted. Sometimes you cling to the old so you may maintain the illusion of control. The universe is like a vast and flowing river. You have the choice to effortlessly flow with it or frantically try to cling to the shore.

The Now Moment you experience is based on the stories you tell yourself about life, both the collective experience and the personal. If you perpetuate your beliefs of your past, your future will be the same. As that is the vibration you emanate, that is what will continue to be reflected back to you. It is not for you to have to mentally solve every single “issue” you have but rather for you to more consciously and consistently align your vibration. For in truth, no issue is ever solved at level of the ego, a.k.a the operating system of the mind. Integration happens from the higher level of consciousness or the operating system of the heart.

Because of your engrained belief that the ego is in control, most of you will not fully release a lower thought or emotion until you are capable of mentally perceiving it. As you align your beliefs with the awareness that you are a Divine Being of Light having a physical experience, the conscious awareness of a subconscious belief is no longer required. It is simply a matter of maintenance of vibrational alignment. In truth this awareness never was, but as you identified with your egoic self you added a step in the integration process that said, “I must figure this out.”

What is the frequency you would like to experience? Joy, gratitude, infinite abundance, connection, acceptance, ease, grace, peace? When you work with the ego, you tend to think about creating a specific form to experience one of those frequencies and usually only in one area of your life. Never is a frequency in your field isolated in such a manner. It is always reflected in every aspect whether you recognize it or not. You are holographic in nature. One of the benefits of working with frequency rather than focusing on form is that the universe assists you in receiving the frequency in multiple forms and typically by expeditious means.

Be the Frequency You Wish to Experience Now

Be the frequency you wish to experience now. Too much of your energy is focused on the masculine “doing” state and not enough on the feminine “being” state. I will be _____ when I _____. I will BE something after I DO something else. In the process of linearly perceived creation, the feminine always comes first. It is impossible to do something without having been something first as your external reality is a reflection of your state of being. In higher dimensional existence where there is no time, both are simultaneous expressions.

There is not a single frequency that you would like to experience of which you do not have an inner awareness. Simple stated, if you wish to experience happiness, be happy now. Feel it. “Being” is not so much a mental process as an emotional one. It is much like breathing. You do not need to know exactly which muscles to expand and contract with the mind. You have innate knowing that does that for you, and so it is with experiencing frequency.

As it is more socially acceptable to be mental rather than emotional, some of you may find this a bit challenging. But as we said, you do know at the subconscious level exactly what the frequency is. It may simply take some practice to identify what that actually feels like in the body. You aren’t skilled enough yet in interpreting the subtleties of frequencies through your vehicle.

For others, you believe accessing these frequencies will be too painful so you refuse to allow yourselves to open. In your past you have experienced strong negative emotions and as a result have closed down access to all emotion. Your belief is that if you start to feel you will unearth all the pain that has been suppressed. Sometimes you may momentarily experience those frequencies, but it is the pathway to integration and the release of pain. Pain is perception, and you may choose to experience it for thirty seconds or thirty years. It is up to you. If you choose to perceive an experience through the lens of victim/perpetrator then you will experience pain. If you choose to perceive it through that of co-creator, you are able to release any pain and observe the experience from a neutral space.

Ground and Connect

It is increasingly important for you all to become more practiced at grounding and connecting. Because of your emotional sensitivities, many times you choose to withdraw or contract in your connections. As you continue to increase your frequency, establishing a greater sense of connection with your body, your inner Self and Source is paramount. Your true state is one of connection to all things, and as you seek to create and manifest, it requires clear, focused energy to be generated. As you project the illusion of disconnection, you are not able to maintain frequencies of a higher vibrational nature as any “disconnection” is a limitation in the flow of Source energy. The lower beliefs of disconnection create a resistance to that flow as well as put you out of vibrational alignment with the higher vibrational creations the conscious part of you seeks.

Every Moment Is an Expression or a Repression of Love

Every moment is an expression or a repression of Source energy. Source is love. If you are confused or bewildered as to why a frequency you have consciously been seeking is not being reflected in your life, STOP. Be present. Ask yourself, “In this very moment am I expressing or repressing love?” Be witness to your vibrational state. We guarantee you that if you are asking for something of a higher vibrational nature and are repressing love, then you are out of vibrational alignment with that which you seek. In the moment, if you are aware you are repressing love ask your Self, that part of you that is always available to you, that has limitless knowing, “What ‘truth’ do I need to know to express more love in this moment? What action can I take to express more love in this moment?” That part of you always has an answer. You simply have only to listen. You can recognize a truly loving expression; it has no conditions. A conditional act is not a loving one; it is a fear based one, and the vibration of such an expression is vastly different and universally recognized by all as such at the intuitive level.

As you begin to align in every moment with the expression of love, the process of creation becomes effortless. Nothing need be “figured out” or “fixed”. No label needs to be assigned to a “problem” so that it may be “healed”. Simply connect to your Self and Source, be present in the moment, lovingly express your Self, and the rest will be taken care of.

As always, dear ones, we are around. Watching. Waiting. And sending many well wishes.

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  1. katy  November 18, 2014

    This is beautiful and so filled with truth and LOVE. Thank you <3

  2. Marina  November 18, 2014

    Thank you!! This feels so relevant. I feel understood and loved!

  3. jp  November 18, 2014

    I love this. It speaks to things we’ve heard over and over, and yet this time around it feels fresh. Relevant to how I prefer to be.And when I read, “Be witness to your vibrational state.”, boy did that point ever sink in.

    Thank You, Wendy.

  4. Brighitta  November 18, 2014

    Beautiful! Thank you for simplifying the process of alignment so clearly!

  5. Rhian  November 19, 2014

    This is a great article, Wendy – thank you for posting it.

  6. Sonia Nordenson  November 19, 2014

    Yes–thank you, Wendy! And thank you, dear P’s!

  7. David  November 19, 2014

    I immediately got a beeping noise in both ears when I started reading this, which is always a clear sign from My guides that I found something valuable.

  8. Carole  November 24, 2014

    Beautiful….thank you!

  9. Q  December 5, 2014

    How are we supposed to be the frequency we want to experience? I don’t understand. I live in a constant state of anxiety/fear and would like to feel at ease. I feel like I can’t ever rest.

    • Q  December 5, 2014

      I’m definitely one of the people that experienced strong negative emotions and am now closed down. I feel like whatever is animating every one else is not animating me. Any help is appreciated.

      • phyllis  January 19, 2015

        thank you, im learning alot

  10. CS Park  January 5, 2015

    Thank you so much! This is beautiful and so true!