Conversations with Nomar

May, 2006

Nomar: Yes, hello. My name is Nomar and I am from Arcturi which is a planet in the Arcturus system in Bootes. And my species is a member of the council, which you call in your vernacular the Federation, similar to your federation of planets in your Star Trek series. It is not that far out of the realm of possibility. In fact your science fiction is based off of if. All intended ...

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Getting in the Driver’s Seat of Life

– 9th Dimensional Pleaidian Collective

Greetings, dears! 9th Dimensional Pleiadian Collective here. We’d like to take an opportunity to connect with you and to discuss the importance of your willingness to get into the “driver’s seat” of life. Often you will say to us, “Tell me what I need to know.” Well, goodness, where does one begin? Image a friend asking you the very same question. Most likely you would inquire where their interests lie ...

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Global Warming

~ 9th Dimensional Pleiadian Collective
August, 2007

Greetings dears. We are very happy to have the opportunity to speak with you again.

“Global Warming” has been discussed for approximately the past 25 to 30 years because you have seen a shift in your weather patterns, a shift in the temperature of your global climate. But to tell you that this is caused solely by man’s use of carbon dioxide is erroneous. It is ...

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Personal Power

– Ramshi, 12th Dimensional Master Geneticist / Universal Architect

The beauty of the third dimension is one of extreme focus of thought projection. In your corner of the galaxy along with this comes the notion of isolation, thus a sense of powerlessness. This notion is a false one. You are still powerful beings. But with the lack of faith in self and lack of trust in your ability to create your own reality in the ...

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Role of the Sirian High Command

– Sirian High Command

Question: What is the role of the Sirian High Command?

In many ways we are like your ambassadors trying to extend a hand to allow others the opportunity to exchange ideas and information with different species and different cultures. The Sirian star system is rich in diversity, not only amongst many different species, but also varying cultures and belief systems; in many ways very akin to your planet. ...

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