Interview – Straight Talk for the Soul with Cari Murphy @ Online
Mar 9 @ 5:00 PM – 6:30 PM



Wendy is honored to join Cari Murphy for Straight Talk for the Soul’s Free Global Masterclass Series. Cari brings together luminaries at the forefront of their fields to assist you in bringing greater awareness to your day to day reality, discovering your limitless power, and focusing your inspired thought to create your own reality.

You can join her live interview and discussion on March 9th at 11am Pacific.

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RESERVE YOUR VIRTUAL FRONT SEAT NOW! As part of Wendy’s community, you will receive priority seating to ask her your personal question LIVE!

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This is a divinely inspired and purposefully created opportunity to connect with you and expand the light within you, around you, and amongst this powerful tribe of light workers around the globe.

You are more than welcome to forward this invitation and share news of this event with anyone you feel would benefit from this series.

Thank you in advance for registering at the link below and for contributing your light to this transformational series of events beginning JANUARY 16TH!

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We look forward to connecting with you soon.

The Channel Panel @ The Colony Theatre
Dec 30 @ 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM

Final Channel Panel Poster 2017

The Channel Panel explores its most exciting theme yet with an incredible 9+hour line-up of some of the world’s most renowned Channelers!

Join us as we explore the theme,”The Big Bang Query” via the perspectives from each Channelers’ higher dimensional guides that they’ll be channeling. (Most guides this year are from benevolent extraterrestrial origins.) As we all know, humans have long pondered not only the meaning of life, but where, who, or what sprang forth the experience of life? Who or what is this intelligent force? Is it a perpetual mystery even to our star friends and angelic sources, or is there something more that they can share in the origin story…if there is an origin at all? When we talk about the intelligent creator energy, or whatever it may be, what is the meaning of it all? Who is this energy, and who are we in relation to this energy? Where are we heading and why?

This year we’re digging deeply, deeper than we’ve ever before. While our guides may not have all the answers as fellow souls journeying alongside our spiritual evolutionary paths, they are our elder and wiser brothers, sisters, and non-genders who are ready and willing to impart their wisdom and knowledge with all the love in their hearts to us, who they love ever so much! 9+hours of intense, never before discussed information! *There will be an hour break for lunch and 15 min between channelers.

The Channel Panel Events have been the the largest All-Channeler event for 4 years now. Founders Kalina Angell & Rob Gauthier have brought the largest array of channelers from around the world to do these events for you. We want the people who enjoy channeling to find all of their favorites in one place or to find new channelers to explore all of the types of great energies that come from these co-creations!

Participating as part of this year’s Channel Panel – The Big Bang Query

Darryl Anka –

Rob Gauthier –

Kalina Angell –

Nora Herold –

Wendy Kennedy –

Danial Scranton –

Lee Harris –

Karen Neumann-

Shaun Swanson –