Allowing Yourself to Be Seen

– Ramshi, 12th Dimensional Master Geneticist / Universal Architect

With the shifting energy many of you are beginning new careers and jobs that are more in alignment with your higher self and life purpose. These jobs often blaze new trails. They challenge the established norm of how one is supposed to generate money and create. Because this is such a new feeling for many of you, you doubt your abilities. Many of these new jobs require you to learn new skills or rather utilize skills that have been lying dormant. You don’t “see yourself” as being qualified or having enough training or being “enough” of something (outgoing, creative, talkative, skilled, educated…) But we say this to you; once you acknowledge yourself and see yourself and all the many wonderful qualities you bring to the table, so will others for they mirror you and your belief system. If you require more clients, when you see you, so will they. You put out the “Open for Business” sign, so to speak.

Many of you worry about accreditation. “Do I have enough? I need more.” Much of what you pull into reality now is of a new vibration that does not have roots in the past (at least not the recent past), and therefore there is no accreditation. We ask you who did the accrediting in the first place? Those who managed along, finding their way, utilizing their inner judgment and guidance.

You will always attract to you the appropriate match. If you are a client who seeks a healer, you will find the one that is appropriate based on their vibration, not an accreditation. If you find yourself working with someone whose energy is not of the highest vibration, then you were not ready to be in that higher frequency. There is another lesson to learn. Through the Laws of Attraction and Resonance you always find the match or increase your vibration to match that which you seek. The fear that you will encounter a charlatan or that you will be perceived as such only occurs when a corresponding fear is present. As a Creator Being you manifest the experience to encounter the fear, observe it and release it. You are not a victim. As you see yourself in the driver’s seat, attracting the vibrationally appropriate people into your life, you breathe deeper as you no longer see yourself in the victim role.

All of you, without exception, have access to unlimited information. You have “soul training”, if you will. You need only raise your consciousness. We hear you all sighing and saying, “I’ve tried. It doesn’t work. I want to remember, but I can’t.” You can, but you process the information through different levels of your consciousness. Retrieving the “soul” information requires you to shift your brain waves into another frequency. This you do naturally throughout the day. As you understand how your brain functions you can learn to shift brain frequencies at will. Frequency ranges can be used like locks and keys. You can restrict access to information based on the selected frequency. The conscious mind has limited access to soul records so that a unique and limited perspective can create a filter for the current life from which to have experiences. Ah, the beauty of density! In no other dimension do you experience reality in such a way. See yourselves, dear ones. Acknowledge yourselves as Creator Beings, for that is what will be required to increase your vibration and manifest the life you dream of.

As many of you begin to recognize yourselves, you often trigger another fear, that of persecution. “If I am a light on the grid I will be extinguished.” Many of you are working on releasing and integrating those aspects of self that created a “victim” experience. Your history on the planet is riddled with persecution, judgment and ostracization and continues on today. But remember, dear ones, this is only a perception. When you place yourself firmly in the driver’s seat of Creation, you determine what occurs to you. It doesn’t happen upon you. As you hold more light and release fear, those of lower frequencies must match your frequency to be in your presence. Only through a vibrational match will you recreate the persecution, and in so doing, allow yourself an opportunity to see why you created it, how it was of service, and release judgment thus integrating the experience.

You have much support, dear ones. There are many of you who will stand and shine your light and who are currently doing so. Take heart in knowing you are not alone and that this will be your new way of being, standing in your full power as Creators. This is the game you have constructed for yourselves, and it is achieved through the process of ascension.

Embrace it. Enjoy it. Be it.

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