Authority, Control & Competition: Integrating the Orion Archetypes (Part 3)

One of the major archetypes of the Orion system is that of competition. As the system of control fell, the Orions found themselves faced with issues of competition. They spent tens of thousands of years warring over natural resources and which new ideology would replace the old system of control as the new dominant system.

Competition can come in many different forms, but it is always an expression of the perception of a finite universe. Most often you see it as a limitation of love, time, energy, money and physical resources. Thus competition is often driven by a need for safety built upon the illusionary perspective that you yourself are a finite being. You do not perceive yourself as an Infinite Being of Divine Light having a physical experience. You believe that when the body fails, you cease to exist; nothing could be further from the truth.

If you find that your natural resources are limited, they are being created or obtained from a belief of competition. For in the original divine blueprint of The Universe, there exists unlimited resources for all consciousness within it. As you awaken further and begin walking the path of a Divine Being of Light you will discover new energy sources for your planet, as well as new institutions and systems that will support all ideologies; In an infinite universe, one belief does not have to be extinguished for another to thrive. All are unconditionally accepted, supported, and loved.

Competition Code

To work with the Orion codes, we suggest sitting quietly with them several times a week or as you feel called to. (If you missed Parts 1 & 2, you will find them here.)

As you gaze upon the code, observe all the instances in your life where you express competition. Do you compete with yourself? Do you compete with others? Do you perceive yourself with limits? Do you perceive The Universe as limited? Acknowledge these beliefs within yourself. Thank them for being part of the dualistic experience.

In this time and in this space, I now release all limiting thoughts surrounding competition. I acknowledge myself as an Infinite Being of Divine Light, and as I radiate that as my truth, The Universe reflects to me its infinite abundance. The Universe is infinite in its creativity, resources, and love. Nothing ceases to exist; there is only transformation. I allow The Universe to support me. As I allow my energy to flow without condition, I am open to receive in kind. The Universe loves me without reservation, and it is enriched by all my unique creations and expressions of life.

As you continue to gaze upon the code, imagine a feeling of alignment and connection to the following: Limitlessness, Infinite Love & Support, and Unconditional Acceptance

The feeling state is an important step in the activation of the code. Some may find it difficult to connect with the feeling state with their eyes open. If this is the case, close your eyes and imagine the code in your mind’s eye until you become comfortable enough with the process to access the feeling state with your eyes open.


Please feel free to share this code.  We simply ask you include a link back to Higher Frequencies and the instructions for working with the code along with the image.

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