Akashic Records

– Ramshi, 12th Dimensional Master Geneticist / Universal Architect

Let’s talk about akashic records, shall we? As you know records are stored on Earth, the Sun (Helios) and Alcyone. They are stored in the crystalline matrix. You upload from your own matrix to theirs. It is somewhat like your toy, Magna Doodle. Your field imprints upon the matrix without you doing anything, just like the magnet drawing particles. It’s part of the natural properties of the magnet. The depositing or imprinting of records is part of your nature.

That is one type of record storage. Then you have information stored in crystals. Same principle. It would be like writing in a journal or buying a paperback instead of checking the book out from the library. And crystals were used instead of paper and pen. Long forgotten on this planet, but soon to be rediscovered. Thoughts are focused and just like your crystalline field imprints information to the library the same happens with the crystal. But because the structure of the crystal is a bit denser than the libraries’ crystalline matrix the energy must be focused and this is done through thought. Once again the movie of the information embedded in the crystal.

Question: What are the diamond shapes you see etched in crystals?

Ramshi: Those are imprints. Atlantians used machines. One could sit in a chair, relax, imagine and it was translated into the crystal using light or lasers. Think of it as using a computer rather than writing things in long hand. This was quite commonly done for large documents and scientific data. It was a much easier and far more efficient method.

Question: And how do you access the record?

Ramshi: It could be done several ways. One could use the technology to access the information. It was much like a movie projector. However, when you do not use a machine you still have the ability to access these records. To do so, you must align your crystalline matrix to that of the crystal. You are matching the frequency and when you resonate at the same rate you are able to extend your perception to include the information stored in the crystal’s matrix. Sound was used to find the appropriate frequency. Sounds at the appropriate frequency will make the crystal vibrate within your hand. It is the key to finding the proper resonance. So if you are making the proper tone it will make your own internal matrix vibrate and you can match the crystal. You have created a very similar external method using your CDs and your computer. You are just using different materials to imprint and requiring a machine to do all the work.

Question: Were different crystals used to store different information?

Ramshi: For the most part clear quartz was used because of the ability to clearly and easily imprint upon the structure of the crystalline matrix. Occasionally, citrine, amethyst, and smoky quartz were used, but generally it was a form of quartz. Other crystals were programmed to perform different tasks but not used as records, not used as you use your CDs today. That doesn’t mean other crystals weren’t used. But they just weren’t as efficient.

So that is the basics. To learn start playing with sound while holding a crystal. Modulate sound until you can really feel the crystal humming in your hand. Once you find that imagine a movie playing in your mind’s eye. Allow the movie to play. Continue toning as that is your power source for this movie.

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