A Few Reminders to Help You Cope with The Holiday Season

This time of year many of you find yourselves cycling through emotions as you spend more time with family and friends as well as reviewing the year as it comes to a close. While the season may be hectic, it is vital that you take time for yourselves. Even several minutes of restorative breath and relaxation can make a huge difference.

We would remind you at this time to check in with yourselves and observe what you are doing out of joy and what you are doing out of obligation. If you are acting out of obligation then you either need to say no to that activity or reframe how you are perceiving it. It serves no one at the higher level when you act from such a space as the energy of obligation is infused in the activity no matter how positive the action may seem. Your awareness of your feelings and intentions as you take action is vital for the same action taken from a place of obligation will have a vastly different outcome to that same action taken from the space of joy.

While many of you journey to be with family we also remind you that family members are indeed amongst your greatest teachers. They are capable of reflecting your issues and lower beliefs like no others. Some of you may wonder if you have a giant red button on your forehead that says, “Push me!” Your willingness to own your participation in the co-creation of your experiences with your family will assist you in not only expeditiously moving through the discomfort but also help you to recognize the service the experience provides, thus allowing you to release lower beliefs that have been running at the subconscious level. These amazing beings that have pushed your buttons have given you the greatest gift: The opportunity to elevate your frequency and experience more love. The more you can hold gratitude and appreciation for their service, the freer you will feel.

Many of you also find that your level of frustration and sense of separation can increase when your family does not share your exact perspective of life. You may be the one in the family to think and behave differently, and it is for that very reason you chose to be in your family. You may have agreed prior to incarnating to be a guide, a living example of what is possible when you step outside of the box. Others need not see eye to eye with you. Another’s perspective does not have to cease to exist in order for yours to thrive. If you find yourself feeling judged or rejected, we would ask you, “Where are you rejecting or judging yourself?” for others will mirror that belief.

Remember every vibrational selection is a valid one. Your judgement that another’s selection is “wrong” is a mirror for, once again, your own judgement of self. As you release the need for others to share your views, you allow more freedom and acceptance into your own life, thus creating more loving and accepting relationships. When you hold the view that others need to change, you are in essence making them “wrong” and sending them the energy which is felt at the subconscious level. Rather we would suggest you perceive them as a Diving Being of Light capable of creating a harmonious and joy filled reality as this perspective will help support them in making higher vibrational selections for themselves and help to remind them of who they truly are at the core of their being.

As always, dear ones, we are around. Watching. Waiting. And sending many well wishes.

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  1. David  December 6, 2014

    I am reading this from my parents house after a long talk with one of my sisters. This was exactly what I needed right now. So thank you very much for the synchronicity Pleis, and thanks to Wendy for bringing it through!

  2. jp  December 6, 2014

    Beautiful reminder at the end of their message.

    Thank You, Wendy.

  3. Chan  November 15, 2015

    Thank you. Much gratitude for your message.