How to Process Emotion

A few weeks ago I shared an excerpt from a group session on coping as an empath. If you missed it, you can check it out here. We got lots of questions from people asking about how exactly to process emotions. As empaths and sensitives, we certainly have plenty of opportunities to do it.

I asked The Pleiadian Collective to chat a bit more on how to process emotions. We’ve created a video for you. Feel free to leave ...

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Coping as an Empath

All of us are empathic, but when we refer to empaths we’re really just talking about people who have the volume turned up on their sensitivity to reading subtle frequencies in another’s field, specifically those frequencies vibrating within the range we label and/or experience as emotions.

Right now empaths are in some ways being dealt a double-whammy. As the frequency of the planet increases, everyone begins to experience a heightened sensitivity to the frequencies, those being generated ...

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Have You Cleared Your Field Lately?

Have you noticed everyone seems a little agitated lately? It can be particularly challenging to deal with if you’re not grounded and centered, but doubly so for an empath.

If you’ve ever joined us for a group session you know that for the first 15 minutes or so the guides pick a particular topic to discuss before opening things up to questions. This morning I sat down to ask them what they wanted to chat about for our upcoming group session, ...

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It All Begins with Hope…

Today, it is so easy to get sucked into the doom, gloom, and negativity that’s all around us. If we aren’t conscious about our energy and have practices in place that help us to consistently reset our energetic frequency, we can quickly spiral down into a pit of despair. After a while, that despair can turn into hopelessness.

No matter what it is you want to create, either for yourself or the world, it begins with hope. ...

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The Ps on The US Presidential Election and Current Energies

If you’re like most of the people I’ve been speaking with this week, you’re probably feeling the craziness in the air. Many people here in the US are feeling anxious, angry and frustrated…just to name a few of the more intense emotions. Even if you’re living outside the US, you’re probably feeling it in The Collective energy.

I asked The Pleiadian Collective to share their perspective on the US Presidential election and how to handle the energy moving forward.

Be sure to take ...

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