2014: Walking in Your Divine Light

– 9th Dimensional Pleiadian Collective

Greetings, dear ones. This is the 9th Dimensional Pleiadian Collective, and it is a pleasure and an honor to have the opportunity to connect with you. We have been asked by our lovely physical counterpart to share with you a glimpse of what’s in store for the coming year. There are many exciting opportunities that await you as well as moments that you may find quite challenging as you will be asked to let go of old ways of perceiving and creating your reality.

For many of you 2013 may have felt rather static, and this was appropriate as you were in a period of gestation from the solstice of December 21, 2012 to the equinox of September 22, 2013. This period was one of integration in which you recalibrated, realigned, and reacquainted yourselves with the process of BEING rather than DOING. You allowed yourselves the opportunity to integrate the higher frequencies you’ve been receiving from the galactic center as you came into a more direct alignment with it.

2014 we promise will not feel quite as slow from the perspective of action. You are being called to begin working from the Divine Masculine level which requires action from a higher perspective and goal than that of self service. It requires you to align with your higher self and follow the vibrational breadcrumbs as they are shown to you to create that which you desire. In the process of creation your job is to pulse and maintain frequency. The universe creates form. You then must be open to receiving and perceiving it as it is shown to you and step forth to greet it when it appears. This is action from the Divine Masculine level. Many of you will feel challenged by this new way of working. It will trigger doubt, fears of deservedness, and memories of abuse of power. But as you cycle through several rounds of creating in this manner, you will wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

February will bring with it the opportunity for you to integrate more of your issues around money and your financial institutions. We see many of you struggling with the current system, holding tremendous judgement against it and all its perceived flaws. First let us say, money is simply a physical representation of energy. It has no value other than that which you assign to it. Your anger, frustration and judgement of it is a sure fire way to stop its flow.

Many of you will feel controlled or limited by the institutions you have collectively created. But in truth, these external reflections do not affect you. In every moment you have the choice as to which frequencies you wish to align. You are the creator and generator of your own reality, and your judgement of external systems reflects to you judgements you hold about and towards yourself.

Many of you wish to eradicate your system of money. In its stead you conjure images of bartering which is in essence the same system, a conditional exchange of energy; I will give you this if you give me that. The system you are easing yourselves into is vastly different in that it requires the gifting and receipt of energy from an unconditional space of service. Currently nearly 98% of all your exchanges are conditional as you are still deeply steeped in the perception of powerlessness, separation and fear. About the only place most of you will find yourselves experiencing unconditional love is with animals and nature. With humans you tend to run programs of conditional approval. I will love you if…you tell me I am a good person…behave the way I want you to…you won’t leave me. Ask yourself where you are not being unconditional with yourself. I will love myself when…I look a certain way…have more money…am in a romantic relationship…get a better job. In order for the world to reflect back unconditional love it must first be created and generated by you from within.

While you may not feel that your current monetary system works, know that it is what works best for the collective at this moment. Your ideas surrounding money are deeply ingrained and require time to augment. As you work more on being unconditional with yourselves you are building a bridge to a new system based on unconditional exchange. Again, if you judge the current system we would encourage you to ask where you are yourself not giving and receiving unconditionally.

Come April there is the potential for issues surrounding genetically modified food to be back in the spotlight, most likely stemming from Europe. Then in late August the issue may resurface in the United States. We would once again ask you to note how you feel at the mental, emotional and physical levels around this issue. What gets triggered for you? From our vantage point, this issue has been created to help you integrate a number of judgements. It allows you to integrate fears of safety and control as well as having a greater awareness of your connection to all things and the ramifications of your actions on the whole.

While many of you ask us what the “right” diet to eat is, we will simply state that there is no one right or wrong diet. What you are drawn to over time will also shift as you are altering your frequency. As you elevate your conscious awareness your attraction to lower vibrational food will be less. GMOs also draw your attention to the frequency of that which you are consuming. Would it surprise you to learn that as you elevate your frequency, you will sustain yourselves on breath and light rather than food? Your awareness of frequency and changes in dietary consumption are the stepping stones towards that evolution.

Summer brings with it great potential for shifts in consciousness with the strongest probabilities occurring at the end of June. You are now opening to the idea of being a part of your galactic community as you ground and activate more of your own personal power. This is a necessary step for if you can not hold your power in interactions within your own dimension you will project in into your inter-dimensional activities as well. We hear many of you ask why ETs have not shown themselves in a more direct way and to this we say simply that you are not ready collectively. It would generate far too much fear for you. It is one thing to know that we are here in theory. It is entirely another to have us standing in front of you. That is an absolute game changer.

There is a rather strong potential for more documents clearly stating acknowledgement and interaction with other beings by the US government. This acknowledgment will come in written form as this is the easiest way for you to all digest it and the most that you are capable of collectively processing at this time.

For many of you we sense disappointment in the fact this will not be a more grand, high profile announcement, but believe us when we say something so seemingly small will have a tremendous impact on the collective psyche. It is an opportunity for you to check in at the personal level to see what fears you yourself hold. Control, trust, manipulation, persecution, security? We also wish to remind you that you can connect with your galactic siblings as you are ready. The collective will have its own pace, and you are never truly “held back” from having any experience by the collective. More to that point in a moment when we share our perspective of time.

The last period of 2014 we wish to highlight is the fall, September in particular. Many of you will be focused on institutions and how they function to support and/or hinder growth and expansion for all. Your financial and governmental institutions will come under review. Many of you will find your authority/trust/control issues triggered, especially as they are reflected back to you through banks, the military and the police force.

In your dualistic reality, to play a victim you must have someone to play the perpetrator. If you are not willing to take 100% responsibility for 100% of all you experience then you require someone to “control” or “manipulate” you. As you become more aware that you are your own authority and creator of ALL of your reality, those areas in life where control and manipulation were occurring are brought to light. This is in part why you are now learning of much of the manipulation of energy that has gone on for thousands of years on your planet. You are awakening and acknowledging your responsibility for creating it.

Take a deep breath. Many of you will feel challenged by that last statement. Let us simply say, if something is in your awareness then you created it, regardless of its nature. Even something that is seemingly beyond your ability to create, such as a war in another part of the world you’ve never been to, is there in your awareness as you have a matching frequency in your field that allows it to be experienced by you at either the subconscious or conscious level.

It is important for you all to focus on the frequency of that which you seek to create. You are moving into a time on the planet in which you are redefining yourselves and creating ways of interacting collectively that have previously not existed, not even in the high times of Atlantis or Lemuria. If you seek to use the past as a reference point you will limit your creations as the energy you are moving into has the potential to far surpass that of the past.

Remember, we mentioned earlier your part in creation is to focus on frequency, and the universe creates form. The operating system of the mind does not like that for it wishes to control out of fear. Trust in the heart. Focus on frequency and be open to the form. We often tell you it is like asking for a gift but expecting it to be wrapped in a 6” x 6” box with blue paper and a pink bow. The universe can bring you the gift in 50 different packages, but if you are focused on form you may miss the 49 boxes that came before, or worse, all 50 as the mental image you had did not match any of the packages. Had you been open to frequency you would have recognized that all the packages contained the gift you requested. Some may have even included something extra beyond your wildest dreams! When we create in the higher realms this is how we do so; we work with frequency. In this illusion of density, you’ve been conditioned to focus on form. Moving forward will require you to release this attachment to form as energy/frequency is ever evolving, changing, being “shaped” and “dissolved” to create unique experiences.

Lastly we wish to discuss time and the illusion of time with you as this is becoming more and more important for you to grasp. As we could spend many of your hours discussing it, we will try to keep it brief. Every Now moment is built on an agreed upon set of circumstances that you declare as your past. You have those that are a collective agreement and those that you define as your personal past.

To form your illusion of reality and linear time, you string together Now moments to create in the mind a timeline. What you perceive to be the past and future are going on concurrently with this Now moment. You hold within you the ability to move to any Now moment, including one that is vastly different from the previous. But you tend to shift in small increments or choose Now moments built on similar sets of circumstances to remain in the illusion of limitation and separation. Repeatedly moving from dramatically different Now moments would in essence spoil the game you are playing in, and what would be the point in that. You came to play the game.

We tell you this not to create frustration for you but to empower you with the knowledge that you are never stuck in any version of collective reality because the masses haven’t “awakened”. Many of you fall into victim consciousness in that regard. In truth if you wished to experience reality where the masses are awake you would be experiencing it. You have chosen to be on this version as it provides the greatest service. There is something for you to both give and receive in the moment, and thus you have created it. Look to your fears as to why you judge where you are, and why you so desperately wish to be elsewhere. 99% of the time it is fear driven. Rarely is it because you have experienced every nuance of a moment and are seeking to create a new unique vibrational experience.

Dear Ones, we hope this has helped you in some small way. Know that the future is not set. In fact, it is becoming more and more difficult for us to predict what will unfold as your “future” as you enter into a more multidimensional state of awareness and take bigger leaps of faith. 2014 is filled with endless opportunities to experience peace, love, joy and connection. You carry within you that potential in every moment even if others choose to perceive another reality. It is your opportunity to maintain the highest frequency possible and be the living example for those that have forgotten the light they carry within.

Feel free to call on us directly at any time. Until then, we will be watching, waiting, and sending many well wishes.

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