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Earthly Life
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Galactic Wisdom

Wendy Kennedy

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Latest MP3 Now Available

Conversations with The Ps

In the latest group session, The Pleiadian Collective shared their perspective on working with the solstice energies of coherence, releasing vows & beliefs that life is…


Processing Emotions

Latest from The Ps

How to Process Emotion

I recently shared an excerpt from a group session on coping as an empath. We got lots of questions from people asking about how exactly to process…



Now Available

Clarity of Purpose

Are you curious about what you are supposed to be doing as your life purpose? Would it surprise you to know it’s not so much about what you’re doing, but rather…


Online Courses | Monthly Memberships

The Process Image

4 Week Online Course

The Process

Many of us grasp the concept that we create our reality, but we don’t fully understand the subtle nuances of energy that affect its creation. The Pleiadian Collective share their perspective on the framework of creation and help you to understand the beliefs and perceptions that may be keeping you from manifesting your desires.



5 Week Online Course

Activation & Integration of Galactic Light Codes

Integrate the archetypal patterns of the 7 major star systems with which Earth most closely aligns by working with Galactic Light Codes and Language of Light activations.



Monthly Membership

Galactic Light Codes Monthly

Take a deeper dive into integration each month with The Pleiadian Collective. You’ll gain access to a new Galactic Light Code and Language of Light activation as well as a channeling from The Pleiadian Collective to assist you with current energies.