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Wendy Kennedy offers a fantastic opportunity to connect with the incredible intelligence and compassion of the Pleiadian Collective. My husband and I have witnessed Wendy’s channeling in a group setting on a couple of occasions and were so impressed with the information offered that we scheduled private readings.–Brigitte, Escondido, CA

In the nearly forty years that I have been consciously involved in the field of 'metaphysics' the Pleiadean Collective has provided me, to date, with the clearest paradigm for what is occuring on Earth at this time. A session with the group, in addition to providing a wealth of personal Akashic information, includes generation of an energetic field through which one is able to process and release issues which are ready to be cleared. Subjectively, the experience is rather like having really compassionate trans-temporal psychotherapist.–Edith A. Cheitman Ph.D, Sarasota, FL

Communicating with the Pleiadians of the 9th Dimension has been singularly the most exquisite work I've ever done. Confidence comes from confirmation of one's own intuitive sense. In Wendy's channeling of the Pleiadians, an allowance of a personal independence naturally occurs. In fact, there is an urging of it that makes me feel always surrounded by their support but not reliant on it. This is huge because I've always felt that my ease could only come from going outside myself. Wendy is totally authentic and has none of the New Age echoing that is often too mawkish in this ever widening interest. She has simply changed my life. I now walk on this earth with a new freedom and gratitude for who I have always been. I have searched for decades for an opening like this, and I feel totally blessed that not only was I successful, but I didn't have to compromise. Thank you, Wendy.–Gina, Chilmark, MA